Bull fight

Bull fight- photo feature
Proving their METTLE!
The most appealing and unique aspect about the bullfight that happensin Fujairah is that there is no bloodshed. Every Friday, a crowd gathers around a ring at the corniche near the beach to watch the fight. It is part of tradition as well as a source of entertainment for locals and expatriates from the various emirates. A running commentary adds to the excitement and helps create the atmosphere. The feeling of exhilaration goes up as the bulls start pushing each other with their heads, showcasing their power.
The winner brings prestige and honour to the owner and value to itself.The fight normally begins after Asr prayer and ends before sunset. Bull merchants make an appearance to strike a deal. Of course, the price depends on the show of strength while at the ring. The fact that there is no bloodshed provides solace, says KT Photographer, Shihab.